Outdoor Education – The Wangat Way!

Our exciting outdoor adventure education programmes offer young people the chance to have fun in nature - the best kind of fun in our opinion - whilst developing a greater understanding and respect for our natural world. Away from screens and back to our natural rhythms, they can truly engage with nature, with each other and with themselves. Our aim is for our young adventurers to leave stronger, wiser, inspired and more connected to the world around them; to understand better environmental and social responsibility and ultimately to be better prepared for the challenges they will face in their journey towards adulthood. 

Our programmes are tailor-made to suit each schools individual needs and curriculum requirements. They are risk-assessed and guided by qualified guides with a lifetime of their own wild adventures and a passion for sharing them. Integral to our programmes is a small guide to student ratio, allowing our guides to teach more effectively and mentor each individual whilst a flexible programme enables them to work responsively with nature. Young adventurers at Wangat will face real challenges under guidance thus enabling them to develop abilities in resilience, resourcefulness and enquiry. The result is a unique, focused and wild adventure for all! 

From our own 50 acre forest on the Chichester River and the surrounding rainforest and ancient creek systems, to the world heritage listed Barrington Tops National Park beyond, outdoor education options at Wangat are many and varied and offer exciting, rewarding, educational challenges for all age groups.

Programmes range from expedition-style Outdoor Adventure in the wilderness to curriculum-based options exploring science, geography and history elements such as biology field work, surveys and human impact on the environment. To discuss your school's individual outdoor education programme, receive detailed information on programme styles and for a quote please contact Dan.