Outdoor Education – The Wangat Way!

Wangat Lodge has designed and facilitates a variety of Programs to meet your schools needs:

Curriculum Based Programs Science, Geography and Social Science Field studies – 3-5 days
A focus on in-field, hands-on ecology, human-impact studies with a strong reflection on the Indigenous perspective. Included, but not limited to: biology/ecology based surveys and Identification of fauna and flora unique to this world heritage rainforest environment. Using live traps, spot-lighting, transects etc.  Visiting historical and contemporary land use sites to directly investigate human impacts, including the Chichester Dam and pipeline and local farms - conventional/alternative methods. We engage with local indigenous members to explore ethnographic-botony (bush tucker) and their advanced and little-known land uses and impacts in this area. 

Outdoor Education Expedition style – 4-5 Days
We equip and prepare your students for all they need to experience multi-day hikes in the World Heritage Barrington Tops National park. A strong emphasis in building resilience, resourcefulness and skills such as navigation with topographic maps and compasses. More importantly, students gain deep insights into themselves and their inter-peer relationships as they enter into young-adulthood. “Our bodies were made to thrive only in pure air” - John Muir, legendary adventurer and grandfather for the modern preservation of wilderness movement. At Wangat we believe our minds and spirits equally thrive in this environment.

The Wangat Way Stay  – 3-5 Days
Built from Dan’s 20 years working in the outdoors with young people, this 100% unique camp combines elements of the above programmes, but also incorporates other elements that tap into young people's positive engagement with nature-based learning. These include “bush-craft” skills, building and tinkering, visits to neighbouring farms and other local social and environmental initiatives plus a secret river-side camp-out on the Wangat property!


All our programs are:

  • Fully risk-assessed
  • Facilitated by professional, exceptionally experienced and specialist guides who are trained in 1st Aid and have current WWCC
  • Operated with a small student to guide ratio integral to a more focused and rewarding experience
  • Client focused - we want to meet your needs and can be flexible.
  • Private, cottage accommodation and scheduled personal time offered to teachers - Though student focused we feel it's equally important to provide teachers the opportunity to have their own experience to look forward to at Wangat Lodge.