Bush Camp & Shelter Shed

Bush Camp & Shelter Shed – Barrington Tops, Hunter Valley NSW

For the more intrepid who favour the camping experience Wangat now offers the Wangat Bush Camp - on Mundhuk Wildlife Refuge on Jerusalem Creek.

Mundhuk is a 40-acre Refuge less than half an hour's walk from the Lodge, accessible by car via Wangat Trig Road.  The Refuge directly adjoins Barrington Tops National Park and offers a 300-metre frontage on to a wild stretch of Jerusalem Creek.

In a small clearing there's an open grassy area between two small dams where there's ample room for tents and a campfire, and a Shelter Shed with mattress space and a cooking area.

It's as basic as can be, but a ten-minute walk up Jerusalem Creek into a spectacularly beautiful and rarely explored part of the National Park is all you need to feel far removed....

Mundhuk offers exceptional biodiversity.  The hilltop campsite and Shelter Shed is surrounded by more than 100 species of plants including huge blue gums and tallowwood trees.  On the Refuge there are lyrebirds, koalas, red-necked wallabies, pademelons, riflebirds, glossy black cockatoos, angle-headed dragons, diamond pythons....

The charge for camping at Mundhuk is nominal.  The experience has the potential to be priceless!  The is Wangat's reach to the edge of true wilderness.